·         Collaboration and partnership with NAVTTC for evening classes

·         Collaboration with ILO for market information systems and assistance in training programs

·         Focus on OJT for a reasonable period

·         Collaboration with specific industry for training of work force e.g. Leather Industry in Sialkot.

·         Continuous up-gradation of existing curriculum and development of new curriculum according to market demand and market leaders of the specific service or industry.

·         Continuous improvement of existing VTIs and teaching learning resources (TLRs).

·         Complete computerization of administrative, academic & financial systems of PVTC and VTIs. This MIS includes data of every student regarding his istehaqaq, admission, stipend, academic progress, OJT and placement.

·         Special emphasis on training of females and un-employed youth of the rural areas.

·         Introduction of specialized training courses related to agriculture and live stock.