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What does PVTC stand for?

PVTC stands for Punjab Vocational Training Council.

What is VTI?

VTI stands for Vocational Training Institute. These institutes impart training to the Mustahqeen-e-Zakat in employable skills for their permanent rehabilitation of each VTI is Managed by a local Board of Management (BOM).

What is BOM?

The BOM is abbreviation of Board of Management. Every VTI is managed by a BOM comprising of 2 -6 local Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Progressive Agriculturists, Traders and Social Workers etc.

What is meant by MOZU?

MOZU is abbreviation of “Ministry of Zakat & Ushar”.

What is MOZU Education Stipend (Technical) Scheme?

This scheme was approved by Central Zakat Committee to provide demand driven skill training to the Mustahqeen-e-Zakat for their permanent rehabilitation. Under this scheme eligible Mustahqeen are given stipend from Zakat fund to bear their training and personal expenditure for duration of the training. They are also eligible for one time grant of Rs. 5000 for purchase of tools etc. on the successful completion of the course.

Who is eligible for MOZU Educational Stipend (Technical)?

Unemployed Muslim youth of age 15 to 35 years and living below poverty line.

How is poverty line defined?

The Planning Commission of Pakistan has adopted an official poverty line based on a caloric norm of 2350 calories per adult equivalence per day. This poverty line approximates to Rs. 848.80 per month per adult equivalence in 2004.

Can every person living below poverty line take admission in VTI’s?

No. Only Mustahiq-i-Zakat (Muslim) between 15-35 years of age and bellow poverty line is eligible. He must also fulfill the requirements of admission criteria for the course.

From where MOZU Scholarship form can be obtained?

MORA Scholarship Forms are available in all VTIs.

Where to submit admission and MOZU Scholarship Forms?

The forms should be submitted in the VTI where admission is desired after getting Istahqaq determined by the Local Zakat Committee on part-B of MORA-1 Technical Form.

What is MOZU-1 Technical Form and where to get it from?

It is part of the MOZU Scholarship Forms and are also available in the Prospectus of the VTI.

Who is competent to determine the Istahqaq?

Local Zakat Committee is competent to determine the Istahqaq and issue Istahqaq certificate on part-B of MORA-1 Technical Form.

Can a person seek admission in a VTI located in a district other than his domicile?

Yes. By following the laid down procedure.

What are the expenses and fees of the courses being offered by the VTI's?

All the training expenses including the fee will be met from the MORA Stipend (technical) given from Zakat funds to the mustahiq trainees. The Trainees do not have to spend any thing from their own pocket in connection with the Training and VTI activities.

Where are the VTIs located and what courses these VTI are offering?

The list of the VTI's along with the addresses and courses offered by them is available in this website.For details please check "Institutes Network" section of this web site.

What are the courses, their duration and entry level which are being offered at VTIs?

This information is available at "Trades" Section of this web site.

How can I apply for the admission in a VTI?

If you are eligible candidate, you may download the admission and MORA Forms and submit it duly filled to the VTI along with Istahqaq certificate on part-B of MOZU-1 Technical Form and other required documents. The Forms are also available in the Prospectus of the VTI.

From where can I get the Prospectus of the VTI?

From the VTI concerned.

What documents I have to submit along with the admission forms?

The following documents be submitted along with the admission form.

A. Part A and B (Certificate of Istahqaq on part-B of MORA-1 Technical Form) of MORA Scholarship form duly completed along with its two photo copies.

B. Documentary proof of minimum educational qualification required for admission (Photocopies of matric /middle/primary/school leaving certificate etc ).

C. Photocopy of I.D. card of the candidate (if more than 18 years) or of father/ guardian (in case less than 18 years). Documentary proof of age (in case less than 18 years).

D. Two Passport size photographs.

E. Experience certificate if there is any experience in the trade in which admission is required. (This is an added qualification, however one may apply without any experience.)

Is admission to the VTI’s advertised in the press.

Yes admission is advertised in the press. Banners & posters etc. regarding the admission are also displayed at prominent places.

How can I apply for a job in PVTC or VTI?

Currently available jobs in PVTC and VTI’s are advertised in the press and filled through National Testing Service