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Exam & Certification Department

Exam & Certification Department

PVTC is one of the three certification awarding bodies of technical and vocational education in Punjab. It reflects the significance of the Examination and Certification department in PVTC. Examination and Certification department effectively manages all tasks related to conducting examination of VTI trainees across PVTC and awarding certification to successful trainees. We ensure to conduct timely and systematically efficient examination as per schedule and award certification as per rules and regulation while maintaining complete confidentiality. Our department is solely responsible for maintaining and safekeeping of examination and certification records.

Examination and Certification department ensures the compliance regarding eligibility criteria of trainees to take the exam as laid down in “Course Implementation Procedure”. In this regard, we ensure effective and efficient communication with VTIs, Area and Regional offices in the field and coordinate as required to avoid confusion and completion of examination and certificate awarding process compliant to rule and regulation of PVTC.

Functions of Examination & Certification Department consist of following four major parts;

Pre Examination Activities:

• Collection of requests to conduct examination from VTIs
• Preparation and announcement of examination schedule and Date Sheet
• Preparation of Question Papers
• Preparation and provision of documents related to examination
• Preparation and maintenance of external Examiners’ Directory
• Confirmation of external examiners’ availability as per examination schedule

Activities During Examination:

• In time transmission of question papers to all VTIs
• Random monitoring of examination
• Resolution of queries and issues (if any) during examination

Post Examination Activities:

• Collection of results and internal assessment record
• Preparation and announcement of results
• Issuance of online provisional result cards
• Payments of external examiners


• Confidential printing of certificates and issuance to VTI pass outs
• Maintenance and safekeeping of records relating to preparation and issuance of certificates