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MIS Department

Management Information Systems

Management Information System (MIS) Department is one of the most important departments of PVTC. MIS is the back bone of the organization and providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services at enterprise level to PVTC Head Office, Regional Offices, Area Offices, and Vocational Training Institutes across Punjab. MIS department is responsible to develop and deploy core academic system and back office management systems to facilitate decision making, improved financial and management controls through process automations.

MIS department identifies ICT based needs, develops and deploy these systems, build ICT infrastructure, train human resources and provides post implementation technical support. These systems include in-house developed software like financial, academic, HR software, management reporting dashboard, and various other web applications. We are also responsible to provide Hardware infrastructure, Networking, Internet, troubleshooting and maintenance facility throughout PVTC. MIS proposes IT policies, procedures and SOP especially regarding data back up and security and further facilitates in implementing those policies after due approval from the competent authority.

Below are major achievements / projects delivered by MIS department: -

1. Integrated Academic System to link PVTC end to end training cycle
2. 100 % deployment of financial management system for PVTC, Regional Offices, Area Offices and Vocational Training Institutes with automatic month by month closing and financial year closing and opening of new financial year balances transfer
3. Successful delivery of Intel Education Project of “Digital Literacy”
4. Trainee’s Manual demand and dispatch system
5. Examination and Certification system with e-Papers facility, online result announcement and online certificate verification system.
6. Declaration of PVTC as Oracle Education Academy
7. More than 90% digital communication culture through in house Microsoft Exchange base Communication solution
8. Digitize Monitoring & Evaluation System
9. Development of PVTC Official Website, RTI Portal and other management reporting portals
10. Geotagging of all VTI’s on google maps
11. Implementation of PVTC own production, development and testing hardware environment
12. Development of PVTC Learning Management system (LMS)